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About us

A reliable partner in development and construction

On the market since 2008. Built more than 230,000 m2. Dozens of satisfied customers. We help projects to be implemented efficiently and on time.

We save the budget of the client

Up to 30% savings through effective cost optimization and cost control. Over the past 5 years, we have helped customers avoid losses of more than $ 10,000,000.

We make construction efficient

We know the whole construction process from design to commissioning, so it is easy to find violations and correct them.

Our services

We create effective, functional, comfortable objects:
– Residential real estate (cottages, residential complexes, etc.);
– Public and commercial buildings and structures (shopping and office centers, hotels, medical facilities, catering facilities, logistics centers, etc.);
– Industrial purposes;
– Objects of the agricultural sector and agriculture (elevators, poultry farms, etc).

Business Budget Control will help to resolve any issues related to development:
– Attracting foreign investment;
– Development of the project concept;
– Conduct investment and marketing analysis of the project;
– To issue the right of ownership or use of land;
– Draw up initial permit documentation;
– Design and build an object;
– Put the facility into operation.

Construction audit and budgeting
– We control the work of contractors;
– Protect the interests of the customer;
– Increase management efficiency;
– We help to avoid additional investments and expenses;
– We develop the correct and actual budget;
– We provide communication with management accounting to monitor budget execution.

Business Budget Control will draw up budgets and implement a budgeting system for pre-project preparation, design, construction, organization and maintenance of construction; develop an investment budget and forecast balance.

Business Budget Control performs construction audits in any volume – from the examination of project documentation to the examination of the entire construction process. After the audit, you will receive independent, objective and up-to-date information on the state of affairs in your project in the form of a report with a list of conclusions and recommendations.

Customer service
Assuming the responsibilities of your expert organization, we will provide:
– Solving organizational issues;
– Building communication and coordination of interaction between all project participants;
– Control over the timing and quality of project organization;
– Determination of optimal design and construction solutions;
– Optimization of construction costs.

Business Budget Control as a customer service becomes your partner, representing your interests and helping to effectively manage the project. We help to solve practically any questions connected with your construction, to avoid dangerous moments and unplanned expenses.

Technical Supervision
– We control the progress of the project;
– We find all the shortcomings and violations of the project participants;
– We control compliance with estimates, all costs and rates of writing off materials, quality;
– We control observance of the project during construction, observance of requirements of norms and laws;
– We control the maintenance of technical and executive documentation.

Technical supervision from Business Budget Control is a guarantee of delivery of your project in time and without additional expenses, observance of quality. Control, prevention and detection of violations during the project implementation are the main functions of technical supervision. Learn more about the service at

Private construction services
– Assistance in project development;
– Search and control of contractors;
– Control of all stages of implementation;
– Assistance in commissioning;
– Assistance in complying with the legality of construction.

Construction is a complex and rather complicated process. Not surprisingly, many people, first faced with it, can easily lose money or delay their project, simply because they do not know all the nuances: what to look for when choosing contractors, how to properly monitor the progress of construction, how to accept the work done . Business Budget Control will help you go through this process without unnecessary stress and additional costs. Contact us and we will do everything to make your construction bring you only positive emotions and a guaranteed result.

Technical inspection of buildings

– Operational and high-precision examination;
– Independent and objective findings and recommendations for recovery;
– Flexible payment system;
– Free expert consultation.

Price from 3500 hryvnias, specify by phone or leave a request.

Real estate and business damage assessment
– War damage assessment;
– Real estate appraisal;
– Business assessment;
– Valuation of securities;
– Evaluation of equipment;
– Operational expert consultation.

Price from 1000 hryvnias, specify by phone or leave a request.

How we work



Leave a request on the website and get a 10% discount on your first order.

Price calculation

Our manager will contact you and clarify all the details and nuances of the object.

Departure to the object

At a time convenient for you, the engineer will come to you and make all the necessary measurements.


Flexible service payment system: 100% advance payment or 50% advance payment, non-cash form.

Our projects

Construction of a country club SHELEST

Dam of the Kyiv Reservoir, Lebedivka 2019-2020.

Construction of townhouses Viland Home

v.Gorenichi, street Project and street Sniper. Technical Supervision 2019.

Reconstruction of a pig farm

Village Podillya, Ternopil region. Customer Service 2019.

Shopping and entertainment center Cherry Mall

Kyivska Street 2L, Vyshneve. Technical supervision 2018.

Car center repair WINNER FORD

Kyiv, Pr-t. Stepana Banderi 24D. General designer. Technical inspection 2018/2019.

Complex real estate project "Kyiv Pasta Factory"

Kyiv, street Kyrylivska 142. 2019-2020.

Construction of the educational complex "Petropavlivskyi"

Petropavlivska Borshchahivka village, Myru street 5, 2019.

Logistics complex «SAN FACTORY» 21 023 sq.m

Kyiv, street Simyi Sosninykh 7, September 2012 – January 2013.

Construction of the «Intercyclone» 13 400 sq.m

Kyiv, street Zdolbunivska 3, March 2009 – December 2010.

Construction of the shopping complex «Silpo» 1 508 sq.m

Kyiv, street Olenivska 9, May 2013 – December 2014.

Reconstruction of production facilities «Detwiler Rabber Ukraine» 5 300 sq.m

Zhytomyr region, Malyn. May 2010 – April 2012.

Construction of production complexes of the poultry farm «Ukraine» 38 500 sq.m

Kyiv region, village Soltanivka. June 2013 – July 2015.

Construction of the administrative and warehouse complex «Samsung» 5500 sq.m

Kyiv, street Pshenychna 9, September 2014 – June 2015.

Tolushkina Anna


She has extensive experience in management in the field of development, project management and conducting a full cycle of construction. More than 10 years of experience in the field of construction in management positions in Customer service,
general contracting and contracting organizations.

We are a reliable partner

On the market since 2008.

Built more 230 000 м².

80 implemented projects.

We save the client up to 30% of the budget.

We know almost everything about construction.

Our clients