Is a new building really better than a second home?

Who doesn’t dream of their own new apartment in a beautiful and modern house? But when it comes to buying an apartment, it turns out that new buildings have both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

The advantages of new buildings:

  • Condition of the house and entrance.

New homes look much nicer. Clean walls, new elevators, neat staircases. Needless to say, this is extremely rare in older houses.

  • New communications.

Moving into a new house, you immediately make repairs “for yourself”, without changing communications and not worrying that new repairs will die after the water pipe breaks from the neighbors above. Buying an apartment from a good developer, you can be sure that the sewerage, electrical wiring, heating – everything is designed for modern standards and loads.

  • Autonomous heating system.

Most modern apartments have autonomous heating boilers. First, it reduces heating costs. Secondly, it allows residents to forget what a planned shutdown of hot water in the summer is. Thirdly, you yourself regulate the temperature in the apartment, and your heating season lasts as long as it is convenient for your family.

  • Convenient layout of apartments.

Over the past 25-30 years, not only views on comfortable housing have changed, but also construction technologies. Due to this, the usable area in apartments is much larger, even we are talking about the most compact housing. This is especially true of kitchens: in new houses they are much larger, and any housewife will appreciate this.

  • Apartment renovation in new buildings.

As a rule, apartments in new buildings are rented out in the condition “for rough finishing. This is practical, because you can control the cost of renovation yourself, and the design of the apartment will suit your tastes.

  • Car parking.

When the old houses were being built, no one knew that at this time the cities would be flooded with so many cars. Modern houses are equipped with spacious parking lots for residents, designed for the required number of cars.

  • Walking with children.

New homes are most often equipped with their own modern and safe playgrounds. It is much more pleasant to walk on them than on Soviet grounds with iron slides and swings.

Disadvantages of new buildings:

  • Living at home.

At first, any new building turns into a bee hive. Everyone is doing repairs, and this noisy stage can go on for quite some time.

  • Connecting communications.

Officially, the house can be populated immediately after the house is put into operation, and after that, communications and elevators can be connected. There are cases when residents of apartments in Kiev had to wait a long time for this moment. In order not to face such a situation, it is worthwhile to find out in advance if this developer had similar problems with connecting communications in other houses.

  • Hidden flaws.

Moving into a new house, you may encounter a low quality of construction or communications. According to the law, the developer is obliged to correct his shortcomings, but in practice this does not always happen as quickly as we would like. This problem can be avoided if you get to know and talk in advance with the tenants of other houses from the same developer and find out how comfortable it is for them to live in a new apartment.

As you can see, new buildings have many more advantages than disadvantages.