Can’t leave the inspection?

Technical supervision or construction control is an expert control over compliance with the quality of work, standards and regulations in accordance with the design documentation for the construction of real estate. In 10 years, the construction market has seen this trend, with many developers starting a project without specialized education relying on the professionalism of contractors, but the construction process raises a lot of questions and the result can be unpredictable, especially during commissioning.


– most contractors do not work on their reputation;
– 60% of projects have problems with project documentation and quality of work;
– 80% of orders are not fulfilled on time, the execution of works on schedule is regularly “shifted”;
– 85% of estimates at the start and at the end of the work change, do not correspond to reality and exceed the budget;
– 90% of customers can not control the cost and have a “complete” picture of construction, which leads to losses exceeding the cost of the project.

When do you need technical inspection?

According to the law, the technical supervision service is involved at the beginning of construction, as it is responsible for supervising the construction and installation work until the final stage of commissioning. If for private construction technical inspection is an opportunity to protect themselves from poor quality work, increased costs and control over the work of contractors, then legal entities – is a necessity. Without concluding a contract for technical inspection, it is impossible to obtain a permit to start work and then put the facility into operation.
In practice, we can say that the most vulnerable during construction are private developers.
If construction companies are forced to involve technical inspection from the beginning, then when building their own house, customers rely on the contractor’s experience, and as a result: terraces leak, foundations crack, plaster cracks, roofs leak, facades “burn out”, floors “crack” and many others. bait ». However, these are just “flowers”, but the dismantling of the almost finished frame of the building due to technical violations during construction and installation work is already serious. Who saves on control – pays 2 times more. However, the loss of money and time can be avoided. Everything will be solved by high-quality technical inspection!

Who to entrust technical inspection?

According to the legislation of Ukraine, inspection of construction sites and technical inspection can be carried out only by certified specialists. Each of them must have a qualification certificate issued by the architectural and construction certification commission. Often, in order to save money, the construction control function is entrusted to a representative of the Customer or a contractor. However, on large projects, construction control (technical inspection) must be carried out by a specialized company independent of the customer. Employees of the inspection company should not be involved in any way with contractors and / or contractors.
It will be recalled that technical inspection must be carried out when constructing an object of any type and purpose.

What does the technical supervision service control?

The functions of the technical supervision expert include:
– Estimation:
the expert controls the correctness of assembly, cost and quantity of materials and works, as well as their compliance.
– Technical documentation:
the expert monitors the correct preparation of documentation that will prevent problems during the commissioning of the facility.
– Work schedule:
the expert controls the deadlines, which significantly saves the budget and increases the profitability of construction.
– Foundation of the building:
control at the stage of laying the foundation is 90% of all construction. The expert monitors compliance with the design documentation to avoid uneven shrinkage and deformation.
– Technical supervision of buildings and structures:
the expert prevents the use of low-quality materials, which is reflected in the strength of the structure.
Only qualified experts will be able to quickly and efficiently identify defects at an early stage and develop an action plan to eliminate them. BBC specialists are regularly trained and retrained. We monitor the terms of renewal of certificates, control their activities through inspections and hidden fees.
For more than 10 years in the market, we work exclusively with those specialists who have proven themselves well, as well as receive customer feedback, take recommendations. Reputation is more expensive than money. This approach has made it possible to form a strong team of responsible professionals who value work and work for results.

How to control a technical engineer?

Carrying out technical supervision, the specialist is obliged to:
– Check the contractor for compliance with the performance of works and instructions of technical supervision over the performance of construction and installation works.
– Check the compliance of construction works, materials and structures with standards, specifications and estimates.
– Check technical passports, laboratory test documentation, documentation for equipment and materials.
– Evaluate the results of the contractor’s work.
– Inform the customer about the work performed with defects, as well as the non-conformity of materials or equipment according to the results of technical inspection.
– Carry out registration of acts on works executed with shortcomings.

Independent technical inspection from Business Budget Control.

Connecting the technical inspection service to construction and installation works is a guarantee of successful completion of construction. Construction inspection is designed to save money and time when putting the building into operation. We guarantee high quality technical supervision through professionalism and individual approach to each client. Experienced technical engineers perform technical and author’s control over the construction of the object of any complexity, using modern equipment.
Our specialists will assist in obtaining the necessary permits, as well as check compliance with the rules and regulations of all production processes. Our inspection service guarantees you savings, timely execution of works, as well as easy commissioning of the facility.
Worried about cost? We guarantee that the cost of our services will be justified from the moment a specialist visits the facility. Working with experienced professionals, we managed to save more than one million and save time on the reconstruction and legalization of the object.
Do not hesitate, just leave a request on the site or call. We are ready to answer all questions about the functions of technical inspection, responsibilities of technical inspection of construction and the cost of technical supervision.